John Rigas, June 26, 2006

Cars Verses Interstate 80

The movie Cars played recently at the Coudersport Theatre.  From everything I’ve heard,
it is an excellent film in the tradition of other Disney-Pixar movies.  A major theme of Cars
is the role automobiles and superhighways have played in the demise of Main Street in
countless towns across America.

This subject reminds me of a debate which occurred in Coudersport and northern
Pennsylvania just about fifty years ago.  The issue was where Interstate 80 should cross
Pennsylvania.  The original plan was for it to follow the path of Route 6 across the
northern part of the state, with by-passes around the many small towns of the region.  
However, mainly through the efforts of a powerful politician from Williamsport, Z. H. “Dick”
Confair, the decision was finally made to build the road more toward the center of the
state and Williamsport.  
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