Adelphia Litigation
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Tim and I have appealed our convictions to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  Now that
all of the documents have been filed by both the government and us, we are awaiting a date
from the Court for oral arguments.  The arguments, I am told, are limited to about twenty to
thirty minutes for each side.   A panel of three Judges from the Second Circuit will be
assigned to our case.  After reading the briefs and hearing the arguments, these Judges will
decide whether Tim and I should be granted a new trial.  Their decision will probably not be
issued until six to twelve months after the oral arguments.  

Tim and I are very encouraged by the strong briefs which have been submitted on our
behalf and by what our lawyers are telling us about the appeals.  We remain deeply grateful
for the many loyal friends who continue to offer us their support and prayers, and are
hopeful that justice in this case will finally prevail.  

This is a complete copy of the briefs that were submitted to the appellate

June 28, 2005

Government's Response Asking To Deny Bail Pending Appeal

September 13, 2005

Brief In Response To The Government’s Brief - Part One

Continued From Above

Brief In Response To The Government's Brief - Part Two

September 21, 2005

Brief For The National Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers As Amicus Curiae In
Support Of Defendants – Appellants

January 17, 2006

Reply By Prosecution Asking To Deny Rigases Request For A New Trial To Appellate Court

February 24, 2006

Brief Submitted By Rigas Attorneys To Appellate Court

June 19, 2006

Letter From John Nields To Judges

January 25, 2007

Lake Opinion and Nields Letter

June 7, 2007

Petition for Reconsideration Bank Fraud