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March 27, 2011
Dear John,
I can't tell you how many times I think of you and your family. I happened upon your
"website" purely by accident while reading some Google page on CATV and decided it
was a great opportunity to say hello.

I have some great memories of visiting you in Coudersport with my wife who was about to
give birth with to our son in 1963. It's easy to remember the exact year that way.
We've had many dealings since those days and every one was a pleasure, especially
when we were able to chat at the NCTA conventions.

I also have fond memories of Gus, Jim Brush and conversations with your secretary
Angie, who was forever telling me that you were at a hospital meeting or a Lions Club
meeting or some such.

It broke my heart when events unfurled the way they did. I could never believe in your
guilt. I've always known you to be straight and honest with me and I often have to giggle  
when I recall having to constantly ask you to pay an invoice that was overdue (which was
always the case) , but you always paid-up. I've told anyone who would listen that I am
certain that you were a victim of circumstances and that you never intended to, or could
hurt anyone.

One time in particular will stay with me forever and that's when you asked me to meet you
in Chattanooga because you had to meet with your brother-in-law (I seem to remember
Dr. William Pallus, at some woman's hospital or something). Forgive the spelling if I'm
wrong. It's been a long time. At any rate when I arrived at the Airport I was paged and told
that you couldn't make it. If only you knew how tough it was for me to get there!! I had to
spend the night because there were no flights out that day.

Other great memories are dealings with Gus.... calling him to discuss buying 50 or 100
thousand feet of cable and hearing him say in the background "do you want mustard on

And Gus with those thick glasses taking flying lessons!
I remember you well and often, and I always say that a man's soul is made of the
memories he leaves behind.
Gary Balsam

March 20, 2011
Hello Mr.Rigas

I hope this email finds you in the best of health and good spirits.
My name is Nicholas Karagiorgos, I reside in Astoria ny. I wrote you a letter once before, I
then was in  quite a bind. I then saw you at Vicky Kristovas wedding. We spoke for a few
moments outside the church. It was a honor and a pleasure to finally have met you.
It's been a while that I wanted to get in touch with you, and to see how you are doing.
Once and while I browse the internet and search your name.
I try to obtain as much information as I can about you, because I am so proud, and
inspired on all that you have accomplished in your life, and I truly look up to you.

Today I read the article on Yia Yia Eleni.
Yia Yia Eleni would call my mom and always ask how she was doing, how we we were
doing, and was so caring. I visited my mom and translated the article to her, she was in
tears from the memories and the well spoken words. She also remembered the χωριό
My father John is from arahova, my mom is from St.Demetrios , which is right across the
Again my mom was touched.

Mr.Rigas if there is anything I can do to help you or your family, please let me know.
My prayers are with you, and again thank you for your inspiration, I am proud to have met
you, and I am confident everything will be settled.

Your nephew
Nicholas Karagiorgos  

March 7, 2011
Hello Mr. Rigas, I am a former employee of Adelphia Cable out of Rivera Beach, FL. I just
wanted to say Thank You. If it was not for Adelphia I would not have a career today.
Because of your company I was able to learn a trade in the Insurance industry. I use to
work with Earl Campbell who was very tough but I truly loved the man for how hard he
worked.  Adelphia gave me not only a career but an opportunity to make something of my
life. May this email find you in good sprits and all the best to your family.

Giovanni H Luisi

January 29, 2011
Hi John,
This is your friend Dave Del Vecchio from Rochester,NY. Hope your health is good. I have
been feeling good for the last couple of years. Still cancer free. Also I have not been in
Coudersport for a few Yrs. It is not the same since I can't visit with you.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed & appreciated our conversations all those years. Even
though you were busy you still took the time to see me. I will never forget it!! You & your
family are always in my thoughts & prayers. I only wish that I could tell the world what a
good, honest man you are & a gentleman. If possible I would sure love to hear from you if
you can.(e-mail or mail)
God bless you John.

Your friend always!
Dave Del Vecchio

December 28, 2010
Dear Mr. Rigas

Happy Holiday and may God bless you and your amazing family in this Christmas!

I am so happy that the universe made me connected to you again. For all these years I
tried several time to contact you or your family ,I did not have any success. Today believe
it or not without searching for you your official page popped out on my computer screen .  

How are you my best friend in this universe, without having you around ,the World
changed not for the better but for the worse for all of us.

Words can not explain how deeply sad I am after what happened to you and your family 7
or 8 years ago. I moved to Europe in 2004 ,because of Melody’s situation and bad
economy ,closed the gallery ,and work as an Art curator in London and Paris ,now I am
back where I started all, Los Angeles since last month.

I wish to hear from you, I don’t know how I can reach you or your family. You are always
part of my life and I never forget your generosity and big heart and amazing talent and
positive energy that you have. The World freezed when you got freezed. May God bless
you and your family!

I feel so good right now that I am writing to you and I know this is the sign of all your
trouble is going away, so far away from you!

You are always in my Mind!

Behnaz Mahdavi

December 13, 2010
Rigas Family,

Had the good privlege of working for the greatest company in the USA-Your family did
nothing but good for its communities, associates and customers.  Sadly, only time will
reveal that Mr. Rigas and family did nothing but follow good sound advice from the very
best professional talent available.                    

God Bless you all,

Lou Abraham and Family   

November 16, 2010
Hi Mr. Rigas – I was very surprised and disappointed at the announced settlement
agreement with the banks – I would have thought that the case against them was much
stronger, meaning that their involvement in the activities that sent you to prison was their
fault to a large extent.  Did the law firm representing Adelphia Recovery Trust interview
you and your son extensively?  I would be extremely interested to hear your or Tim’s
thoughts on this.  Thank you.

Jim Arnay

November 14, 2010
Happy Birthday Mr. Rigas --      The people who run the federal reserve are the real
criminals.   I hope you find a way to smile on your birthday.


November 1, 2010
I am writing a paper on Adelphia communications and was wondering have there been
any books written about your family?

Shelley Williams

October 26, 2010
Hi John,

This is Randy Kemp from Rochester, New York. I used to “interface” with you when you
hired the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra to play in Coudersport for the company
Holiday party.

I am so sorry to hear how all of this turned out for you and Tim, I am sure that all of the
information was not brought forward and somewhere the truth is hiding.

I apologize for taking so long to write, I left the orchestra in 2001 and have just completed
an 8 year tour of duty with Eastman Kodak Company as world- wide logistics manager for
special events. I spent most of my time traveling as part of the Kodak Olympic
sponsorship program. As business changed, so did the sponsorship dollars so my whole
area/group became a casualty of war.

I am now the Operations Manager for Hochstein School of Music and Dance in Rochester.

I can’t imagine the pain, suffering and feeling of abandonment that you and Tim must
have felt.  I enjoyed my time with you and Tim and Doris and I have to remember those
times as special in my life. You were a very demanding but understanding man who
challenged me logistically and financially to get the orchestra to Coudersport on time and
within budget. The end results were magical and I looked forward to our fall planning
meetings at Wending Creek Farms to catch up on each other’s lives, families and  
eventually getting around to talking about the concert.

My wife Kathy and I still talk about the kindness you extended to our family – making sure
an extra Christmas gift went home for our 2 children, tickets to the Sabres games and
Kathy and the string quartet playing at the wedding. Great memories that no one can take.

I hope this finds you in good health and spirits, my family extends compassion to you and
your family through these difficult times. We were touched by you and that is a lifetime gift.

Please take care of yourself and I hope someday soon our paths will cross.

Randy Kemp

October 12, 2010
Hello this is Jenn Rigas, now Kane........Jim's eldest daughter!  Anne Rigas just found this
site and I was so happy to see your face!  We think about you often and hope you are
well.  I still love getting Gus to talk about the good ole days and your parents as I have
fond memories of them.  Please know that we think of you often and love you both very
much.  It was great to see of your family at Erica's wedding this summer.  

Much love,
Jenn and family

September 11, 2010
Mr. Rigas ---    I have not forgotten about you...I check your page all the time and I like the
new picture they put up for you.   And, I know your birthday is coming up I even have it
written on my calandar.    I was just talking to my friend Marg about you and I just get
sooooo upset that you are in prison. I start talking 100 miles per hour and feel really
aggressive inside.  I wish I could just come get you and Tim.  I need to write an article...
protest.... I have to do something but these little things will not be enough.  My friend Marg
doesn't believe that you would ever hurt us either!


August 11, 2010
Steve and I raised our kids on the top of the hill and are still glad you made it possible by
keeping that wonderful spring.  We are deeply saddened by what has happened, and
pray always that you may get out some how.  We do not think that any kind of justice was
done in your case.

Many regards, Becky and Steve Fraker

July 3, 2010
Mr Rigas - another sad thing --- WE THE PEOPLE'S MONEY is not even We The People's
-- it is owned by the Federal Reserve and they make it out of thin air --Its true---- Here's a
good question:  WHY WON'T THEY AUDIT THE FED?  WHY - what's so secret huh?

and I wonder who audits Deloitte?


July 3, 2010
Dear Mr. Rigas -- I just got home from a graduation party, sat down at my desk and went
to and I see that the government is one of their clients.  Okay fine, but... as
soon as I opened the page I saw a big window that read:  BIG ISSUES IN GOVERNMENT.  
I clicked on it and there were topics such as health care --- and this is what I have to say
----  Maybe Deloitte should let the government worry about their jobs - THAT IS WHY
THEY GET PAID THE BIG BUCKS right?  I doubt this is the entire reason however no
wonder this country is broke --- DELOITTE!  --- Frankly after what Deloitte did to YOU, Mr.
Rigas... I really do not EVEN want them having ONE SINGLE THING to do with WE THE
PEOPLE'S money - NO WAY - not one penny of it...

frankly, I don't even want our own government anywhere near WE THE PEOPLES money
either all they are going to do is spend it on more war.... and my best friend in the world
said it best... "OUR BLOOD IS WORTH MORE THAN OIL"  Kn1x

I'm praying for you Mr. Rigas and telling everyone I know about this really bad situation
and also I tell them why I believe you are an ANGEL--


July 3, 2010

Paul took me to Pittsburgh to see another Pirates game, I hope the Pirates do good this
year.  I was given a bag of hats and one of the hats says, Say No To Drugs.  I wear that
hat almost every day and people of all ages come up to me and tell me they like my hat.  I
say a prayer for you and your son every night.

Your friend,
You are invited to email questions, comments and
letters, bearing in mind that my legal situation may
not permit an answer to all inquiries.  -
John Rigas  

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